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Turmeric 3-In-1 Facial Cleanser - Ebony's Beauty Hair and Skin Care LLC

Turmeric 3-In-1 Facial Cleanser

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This creamy cleanser will surely satisfy your dry thirsty skin. It's more of a 3-In-1 it contains turmeric, clays and apricot seeds which helps with exfoliating and correcting uneven skin.


  • Glowing Skin 
  • Smaller Pores
  • Hydrated Skin 
Wash your face first to remove impurities and makeup. Then apply a small amount of scrub to wet skin. Use gentle circular motions to scrub the face. Rinse the scrub off and pat dry. Follow with our turmeric facial cream.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Sugar, Turmeric Extract, Turmeric, Colloidal Oatmeal, Raspberry Seed Oil, BTMS, Mango Butter, Orange Oil, and optiphen.